What is this project about?

Raising awareness about sexual objectification/harassment in public. Trying to educate both genders to prevent situations which harm us emotionally and physically. We aim to liberate women (or any person who feels self-conscious in public) and strive for a world where we can feel safe and free in public!

Why is this an issue? 

Firstly, safety. These types of situations can go down a number of dark paths. Often these are not reported to the police but do end up being traumatic events in women’s lives that they never forget.  

Secondly, objectification. It’s everywhere. Media, music, art and just about anywhere you look, you can find objectification via the female body. We have taught the people that the female body is an object of sex. Young women are told to achieve it and young men to possess it.

Thirdly, miscommunication. Maybe if the guys (not all men, we know!) who cat call, grope and flash their penises knew that this was never EVER going to get them anywhere with ladies…maybe just maybe they’d try spending their time a little more productively.

Fourthly, did you know this happens all day, everywhere? It doesn’t just happen because a girl is ‘pretty’ or she’s ‘asking for it’. Here’s an interesting fact, we are never asking it! Did you also know, that women go home crying and hating themselves, their bodies and society in consequence?