Feminism benefits men too.


Feminism. Yes I used that powerful word that is sometimes misconstrued for 'man hating' or 'female superiority' AND it's neither! 

It supports and helps both the genders. 


Yup. You heard me. That's right. 

So maybe you're guy and you're like how in the hell does that have anything to do with me let alone benefit me?


I want everyone to feel included in this and support this, I want men to feel like they can be a part of feminism. So let's just have a little look at the glorious future:

First things first, you aren't expected to pay for everything...you can spilt the bill! 

You can have as many feelings and emotions as us (because you do) and you don't have to coop them all up! 

You don't always have to be the first one 'to make the move.' If it's an equal world there's no pressure for the man to lead, or decide or approach. We can all do it when we feel like it! 

How does this integrate with sexual harassment on streets and men still benefiting from this project? (I'm so glad you asked.) 

Picture this...a world where we all respect each other. Men and women are equal, we all dress how we want and do what we want etc. Guys, you can finally crack out that mascara or a skirt and women can go make up free. No one feels that existential pressure and we're happy to be ourselves. 

Because we are equal and nobody harasses or feels entitled to strangers in the streets so women no longer fear men. They don't walk on the other side of the road, or constantly feel self conscious and vulnerable. Women now can also approach men because it's equal, which I think is a win win! (Honestly, there have been many times in my life where I haven't approached someone or said something because I was too scared and thought I should wait for the guy.)

We can have nice, little interactions that both genders perhaps would of before avoided because they were scared. Innocent men are no longer wrongly accused or made to feel bad because of their gender. 

In result of the rapid decrease of sexual harassment now women feel free and empowered about their bodies. They are no longer wasting years of lives feeling like their body determines their worth. In consequence of loving themselves more they've stopped telling their partners how imperfect they are and instead we're all getting laid. 

Everyone benefits. 

I know that sexual harassment might not seem like the biggest deal but if it didn't exist, we'd all benefit from it. And we'd all feel a lot better!