Is she asking for it?

So we are help to men as much as women otherwise it wouldn't be feminism! 

How to know if she's asking it? 

(We've created a set of questions to help you read and understand the 'signals'.) 

If she's wearing a short skirt/dress that exposes her legs?


How about if she's wearing tight clothing or she's showing a lot of skin?

Still no. We usually dress ourselves to make ourselves feel good or empowered, it's not because we want to have sex. 

What if she's wearing lipstick or heavy make up? 

No. Still not. 

What about if she has a big bum or hips or thighs or boobs AND it's on show?

Here's a fun surprise...most women don't get to choose how their bodies grow. (And we waste our time wishing we did.) If they do possess some type of asset and it's exposed it doesn't mean she wants sex (it can be hard to hide our body shape and why should we?). It's kind of like having an's just there ya know? 

And the wandering eyes and creepy comments really don't improve matters.

What if she smiles at me?

No. Most of the time people who smile are just being nice. 

What if she's doing a 'sexy' walk?

Maybe she just walks like that, maybe it's just a walk, maybe she's doing it for herself. Maybe it's not about you. 

What if she's drunk and vulnerable? 

You honestly shouldn't even be asking this question. 

What if she's eating something and licking her lips? 

No. She's just genuinely enjoying her food, we all love food. Its not for or about's 100% about the enjoyment of food. No sexiness involved. 

But what if I think she's really, really, really hot? 

Here's something that most of us but not all of us have learnt. It's really important that it's mutual. Just because you think a girl is hot doesn't mean your entitled to her. 

What if I am staring at her and she finally starts looking back at me?

If you have been staring at her for a while, she's probably wondering why someone has spent their time doing that for so long. Its not because she's into it (maybe sometimes, can't speak for all girls), it's because she confused and maybe a bit scared.