I grew up in London so all of my stories consist of mostly night buses ha. So here’s some examples: My ‘first kiss’ was at a bus stop after coming home at around 8/9pm when I was 15, a guy came up to me and asked me what “bra size I was” and I was startled so I just carried on the conversation with him... then I said goodbye and he followed me onto the bus and sat next to me then just started kissing me. I didn’t know what to do so I just told him this was my stop and he said it was his too. He followed me off the bus so I ran onto the next one that was going to a different location and luckily the doors closed before he could follow me.Things like this happened every day for a long time, ESPECIALLY when I was 18 and travelling home around 2/3am from my first bar job. Contrastingly, The man at my local late night corner shop (a 15 minute walk from my house) used to let me hide in there and would sometimes protect me from random men who would try and grab me and put me in their cars (not an exaggeration, this happened at least once a week), and sometimes ordered me taxis and organized me free rides to be safe. But, the guy who ran the kebab shop next door saw me standing outside one night and grabbed my hand asking me to come in for a “private party” saying he would give me free champagne, I said I was okay and just waiting for a taxi, he insisted on pulling me into the shop asking me to come in until I turned around and sternly said “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND” (a lie) and he apologized and let my arm go. (I started getting Uber’s to be safer, but alas! can’t escape it. I was drunk crying in the back of an Uber on my 19th birthday and the Uber driver told me I was “too beautiful to be crying like that” and asked me if I wanted to stop and get a drink! I then sent my ETA to 6 people and called my parents when I didn’t recognize the road I was going down. I got home safe though)I’ve noticed that it’s stopped happening a lot recently since I stopped going out on my own at night and now live in a much busier area of London (SE 4ever). But even so, last night my night bus wasn’t going to come for 15 minutes and it was only around 11:30 so I decided to start walking home instead of standing there. After about 5 minutes of walking a guy stopped his car right in front of me and told me he knew me asked me if I go to the girls school up the road (I’m turning 23 soon so not a thing) and insisted that he knew me whilst asking for my name. I lied and said it was Emily and he asked me for my number saying we should catch up... Basically, I have more everyday stories, especially from working in hospitality, but mostly I would really like to get home from my job and not fear for my life but that’s just me.