Okay so I was in Greece with my friends and we had booked a day trip on a boat. We was walking to our excursion where we would get a bus to take us there. Our hotel was in the middle of nowhere and we had to walk through a field to get to the main town part. We got half way there and I realised I had forgot the tickets so I ran back to get them by myself thinking nothing of it. 

Got back to the hotel grabbed them and made my walk back. As I walking down this alley way/cross over farm I saw a man on a motor cycle who was smiling and said hello. I said hello back and thought how lovely it was that the locals were so friendly ! After, I realised he had his full penis out and had pulled his trousers down to his ankles. He said 'do you like' I just ran away and shouted no I do not. When I was running he pretended to rev his motor bike as if he was chasing me. 

When I got to the bus the lady at the front dealing with the tickets told me I cannot come on as I was in my bikini and I had to visit islands with thousands of people who have to look at my body and this wasn't ok. I was going on a boat all day .. of course I was in my bikini. I explained to her I have my towel which I can wrap round me no problem. After a while she agreed but looked at me as if I was filth. So I had been sexually assaulted and then victimised by another lady as I wearing a bikini for an all day boat trip.