Literally every single day of my life this happens. I don't know if it's just worse where I live. I'm so, so exhausted by it. Cat-calling usually; sometimes actual assault (being groped/guy leaned in and kissed me on a train). Two guys followed me for ages as I was walking home one night talking about my body/what they wanted to do to me. Guys on the tube sitting next to me and literally turning to stare at me the entire time (whyy?!!); guy on the tube stood with his crotch in my face; guy chased me down the road once to hit on me (literally running after me, at about 11pm in East London, I was terrified). 

Some guy following me to a bus stop and saying 'You can't walk like that and not expect to be followed'. So unbelievably sick of all this and it's good to see people want to change it. I forgot one of the most aggravating ones! This happened really recently - I was with my boyfriend and sister in Liv St station and was walking arm in arm with my sister, slightly ahead of my boyfriend. This group of guys starts catcalling/making kiss noises at us; we obviously respond with some version of ‘fuck off’. My boyfriend, seeing this, strides next to us and yells at the guys ‘what the fuck are you doing?!’. The guys lift up their hands and apologise - saying ‘sorry mate’ to my boyfriend. Not to us, the women they’ve just objectified. To the man to whom they belong. I was LIVID.