One particular time a guy on a bike was like oh wow hello beautiful etc and I kind of awkwardly smiled and try to get away and ignore him and once I did that, he was cycling up to me as fast as he can calling me a stuck up bitch saying I thought i was better than him etc.

Another time this guy at a club kept cat calling out to me and then on the 3rd dodge he walked over and poured vodka over my head.

I generally get cat called every day so it’s hard to pick a particular instance that was bad. It makes me uncomfortable every day.

On a train when I was about 16/17 a bunch of guys got on after clearly drinking after a football game as they were banging on about it and started nudging and then calling out to me from across the carriage. It was just me and them, I was ignoring them as best as I could and then all 5 of them came over to me and surrounded me. One guy wouldn’t let go of my hands and wouldn’t stop kissing them, you know like when you meet the queen etc. Another guy wanted to do an international greeting and just kept moving his head and mine to kiss each cheek multiple times. They completely surrounded me and I had to ask to go to bathroom about 8/9 times before they finally got up and stopped grabbing me.

In Egypt I was getting cat called and my friend went off for 5 mins and the Egyptian men surrounded me and were stroking my hair and face saying I looked like Princess Kate and talking amongst themselves about how they “mustn’t touch” me.

A bunch of guys were cat calling me from the top of Stansted bridge walk way and could see me. If I looked up, I’d have been able to see them. It was pitch black and they were tying to get my attention. Upon ignoring them, one of them chucked a scooter off the top of bridge down on me. It didn’t hit me thank goodness however it scraped the backs off my legs!