Literally today I was on the bus and this guy came at sat next to me. There were about 20 open seats so I find that a little weird to start with. Next thing he’s got his phone out and he’s on tinder. Then he says “swear I’ve seen you on here” I said nope, “I’m in a relationship.” He says “well I’ve deffo seen you on here so you can’t care that much, why don’t you give me your number so we can talk some more about your relationship problems” I said “erm nope, sorry I’m not on tinder” and put my head phones back in and stared out the window. Then he nudged my leg to get my attention again so I got my boyfriend to ring me. I answer and start literally out loud saying “yeah this guy says I’m on tinder and that apparently I’m not in a very good relationship with you” laughing to my boyfriend and he shouts “bet that’s just your best mate” obviously my boyfriend got angry and told me to just move which I did and then he followed me downstairs on the bus. It was my stop anyway so I got off and luckily he didn’t but my godddddd urgh!!! Obviously everyone on the bus was like what a weirdo but it’s just such an annoying world we live in. It’s so hard to just be a friendly person to men these days when this is what I get 50% of the time. I will say it’s happened to me more in London than it has ever living in Sheffield and los Angeles but that being said I didn’t take public transport there.