When I first lived in London cat calling was a HUGE problem for me! Constantly getting it on my walk to and from the station!

The time that sent me over the edge was one morning on the way to work- I was in boring black clothes and no make up so not even ‘dolled up for attention’ I was tired and this guy as he walked toward me looks me up and down in the awful undressing you with their eyes kinda way and then says 'morning princess,' I smiled.
He then said ‘princess you looking fine and hot today.’ I just kept walking. He said ‘oi- you- accept my compliment. ‘

I said please leave me alone- then he got in my personal space shouting ‘who the fuck do you think you are- to not even accept my compliments to you’ I said leave me alone.

‘No you need to say thank you you little bitch- you aren’t better than everyone else/ you get told you are sexy and what do I get?  ‘
I said fuck off. He said ‘no princess you fuck off.’

And then I ran to the station calling my mum. I was SO shaken up- this man yelling at me in the street- and NO ONE doing a damned thing about it. I was so upset.