Sometimes it's like the harassing comes when you least expect it. At times I ask where I'm safe, certainly not outside of my own home where I can never walk alone at night. Last week a guy followed me and blocked my road. I had to hide in a McDonald's till my flat mate and some random neighbors could come and escort me. Speaking of McDonald's, when me and my sister once were in one after a night out a man stared me up and down and started to masturbate, in front of me, in McDonald's. I felt so dirty, I couldn't wear those clothes for months and it still only reminds me off that moment. Something similar happened to me last week again, I sat on my regular bus journey, a crowded bus at lunch time, I should feel safe there, right? No. The guy next to me starts to really spread and press his leg against mine, I feel trapped cause I'm sitting by the window, after a minute I can tell he's got a boner he starts to stroke. It makes me feel so dirty, and so victimized. Like my friend said, it's so easy to not masturbate in public! Why do they do it?