Ok so a month or so ago i was in Waterstones in Brighton and some guy (early 30s maybe, looked like your average guy) was looking at the same books as me. after about 10 mins of, kind of, hovering around, he came up to me said “excuse me, you’re so cute”

So not being impolite I’m say “thank you” and gets back to book haha.
Then he leaned in closer, asked what my name was and introduced himself
Then he just grabbed the back of my head and like, pulled me in and KISSED ME. Just in the middle of fucking waterstones !! It was quick and I didn’t really know what he was doing till it happened - cause I wasn’t expecting that for sure 😂 he did end up kissing me on the lips but luckily I could push him away but he'd killed me towards him pretty strongly. In shock I think I just ended up saying “that’s not ok you can’t do that.” He honestly looked like he was so surprised that he’d done anything wrong. And I walked out. (Fucking annoying that he made me feel like I should leave to avoid anything else.)

There were one or two other people around and I’m sure they must’ve seen what happened, but no one reacted and I didn't seek anyone out to help

Which is what’s so annoying about it really - I think in that kind of moment it’s too easy to first off think about not causing a scene, being polite, not drawing attention or making anyone feel uncomfortable. I think that’s how some of us find ourselves in situations of harassment or abuse and it’s really sad, because we’ve been taught to kind of “stay in line”. Those  kind of “keep calm and carry on”  values.

It also pisses me off because in hindsight I’d have reacted really differently and atleast given him a fucking lecture about how he can’t go up and kiss women without their consent.

To say the least I felt humiliated that I’d been so easily dictated. But more annoyingly about it is that although I mostly felt angry, someone else could be in that position and feel totally worthless or scared. and that’s why men need an education on this shit !!!

I also was flashed on the street in Brighton, and let’s not forget pretty much  everyone’s “night out” stories when a guy has abused the situation.